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There will be a lot of dogs.
There will also be a lot of bones, dead animals, taxidermy, and possibly some gore.
I love animals. I love nature. I love hunting, fishing and being outdoors.





I have a tawny owl head rotting in the back yard, hoping insects and nature will go ahead and clean most of it out for me, but it isn’t really making any progress? v.v I want that damn skull done and ready to clean already, ugh. Does anybody have any advice for…

And this is why I cannot and will not ship animal parts out of the USA from my Etsy shop no matter what other shops choose to do. We have to protect ourselves and the animals involved!

I really want to know what a Tawny Owl is doing in North America in the first place. You know, considering the fact that it is native to Europe.

Interesting!  That would explain why a Google search of Tawny Owl didn’t bring up many American sites. 

It would also explain why the Tawny Owl is missing from this alphabetical list of birds protected under the MBTA.  

If the OP is in fact in possession of pretty much any native bird of prey they should proceed with caution, as the law is against them on this one and they could face some serious charges.




My surgery scars are finally healing; however due to the surgery, massive doses of antibiotics and prolonged hospital stay my immune system is shit. I had to return to the doctor and am on more antibiotics for what they think is Strep Throat. This is honestly the most antibiotics i’ve taken in the…

Signal boost! ostealjewelry is incredibly awesome and talented and medical bills are awful and lousy things. 

Thought I’d post these as a photoset rather than hidden in the long post I made the other day.  I am proud that I was able to skin him as well as I did, although I did miss one eyelid.  If I had been able to skin that one eyelid, I think I may have considered doing a shoulder mount rather than a wallhanger.

He’s in the freezer now, and I just ordered more citric acid for the pickle.  I hope to work on him again soon and get him tanned quickly.  When the weather warms up I’ll process the bones, too.

mydeadthingsdiary  Thanks for the advice!  I mixed up salt and borax and now the paws are completely covered.  The front paws are in the container in the back, and the rear paws are in the one in the front.  I’ve dried a few things before, but nothing as large as these paws.  Thanks again!

I’ve opened my store again, I haven’t added much but please at least look to see if you’d like anything!! Please and thank.

I’ve opened my store again, I haven’t added much but please at least look to see if you’d like anything!! Please and thank.


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Mixed Feelings

This is a hunting post.  I am putting it under a cut because it may be long and there will be some photos of a dead animal.  Continue reading if you want to.

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I want to be a morning person for hunting season, but 5am is just not my thing.

Took a few photos of the cat skull my dad found.  Missing a few teeth, but not many!  I was concerned about submerging the skull in peroxide, so I spent some time the other day wiping it down with peroxide on cotton balls rather than letting it soak.  It is so small, though!  I have it next to Toothless’ skull (raccoon skull) as comparison.

Next is a dog skull, the second purchase I ever made toward my collection.  It’s a bit rough, sun bleached and such, and it actually has more teeth in a little bag because I’m very new at putting teeth into skulls.  Again, next to Toothless’ skull as comparison. (Toothless has more teeth to put in his skull, too)  The dog is quite large!  I should have gotten a photo with all three, but I forgot.

And then some little rabbit feet I bought.  This was actually my first purchase.  They were just so cute… The rabbit was killed for meat and then the feet were dried and sold so that very little was wasted.  I made one into a sort of necklace thing using an old 10 gauge shot shell.

Here’s the birthday purchase I made toward my collection! 

Red fox.  He has a couple small holes in his face that were sewn up and I think the front portion of his ears are missing, but after looking him over I didn’t really notice any slip spots, just a couple areas that are thin.

The opossum was sold as a “large” opossum, and my god, he is large.  I guess I wasn’t expecting him to be that big!  He, unfortunately, has a rather large bald spot on the underside of his neck, but otherwise he is nice.

Also purchased an arctic fox tail that I thought would look nice next to my pedestal mount, and an itty bitty bobcat tail.

Toothless is just there as a comparison!

I would love to reshape the faces, but I’ve never done that before so I am nervous!  Any tips?

My birthday present arrived!

Unfortunately, I’m at school, but my boyfriend just informed that there’s a “nice shiny box of dead stuff on the table" and I am so excited.

I’ve made two tiny purchases in the past toward my collection, but this box holds the largest purchase so far and I CAN NOT WAIT. 

I will most certainly have pictures tonight or tomorrow, as I get home rather late.