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Wilderness, hunting, and animal stuff.
There will be a lot of dogs.
There will also be a lot of bones, dead animals, taxidermy, and possibly some gore.
I love animals. I love nature. I love hunting, fishing and being outdoors.

Last night, on a one to two mile stretch of back road, I saw a doe, an armadillo, and what I thought at first was a melanistic opossum.  Turned out to be a very strange skunk.  The skunk was missing most of its fluffy tail, and was left with a small, patchy, not-quite-white stump of a tail.  The only other white on the skunk was a small, bright-white patch on the top of its head. 

The armadillo was only a few yards before the skunk.  I almost hit it.  Are armadillos stupid?  This is a legitimate question.  Most animals, when close to roads or on the roads, will try to make their way to the other side or out of the way of vehicles pretty quickly.  But this guy came out of the grass, walked into the road, turned around, then walked up the road.

Another time I almost hit one because it came across the exit ramp as I was getting off the exit.  I came to a stop (had to anyway) and it just stood there.  Beeped at it and it just kinda walked in a circle.

Are there any studies of the mental capacities of armadillos?

Forensic Files on Netflix!

Forensic Files on Netflix streaming! 

I am so excited but I have to go to school soon so I can’t watch it right now because I’ll watch all 40 episodes and never leave the house.


Cosmopolitan: Get That Life 
How I became a museum’s Chief Curiosity Correspondent

Did you ever think Cosmo would run an image of dermestid beetles nibbling on a goose carcass? 


I can’t describe how proud I am that such a popular magazine typically focused on fashion and sex tips is also incorporating scientists into their features because fashion and sex tips and gross anatomy are not at all mutually exclusive. 

We are rebranding feminism and empowerment one major media publication at a time. 

Thank you, world. 


Had a booth today at PittieFest. 

Gave out some business cards, people seemed interested in things. 

Sold $32 worth of stuff…

The booth cost $30…

I made $2. 

Just saw a nice 10-point a few miles from the house.

I live in a neighborhood, but it’s not what one might imagine when someone says “neighborhood.”  Yes, the neighbors are pretty close, but we have about 6 acres, and our neighbors all have a few acres as well.  There’s a creek that winds its way through the woods, and in the summer you can’t even see the neighbor’s houses. 

There’s a ton of wildlife, too.  Earlier this week I saw a buck with a gorgeous, 8-point rack, and a few weeks ago saw a 4-point, both still in velvet.  There are numerous other wild animals, like foxes, raccoons, opossums, snakes, turkeys, etc, and of course, does and fawns.

There are two hand-made signs outside of a house down the road that says watch 4 deer and 2 fawns.  I’ve seen it for a few weeks.  I think I’ve seen the fawns with their mother as well.  It’s so lovely to see all these animals, especially in the spring and summer when the babies are around.

But then I read in the local paper today that some asshole going way too fast (the whole neighborhood is only 25) hit one of the fawns and made no attempt to slow down or stop, just kept driving.  The people who witnessed it happen rushed to help the fawn and brought it to the vet, but it sustained such severe injuries that it had to be euthanized.  Of course, they got a description of the vehicle and I’m guessing they know where the guy lives, and called him out in the paper stating that he’s no longer welcome and that he’s heartless.  But it doesn’t change anything.

Of course, it’s sad when the baby deer are hit and killed, but I can’t even count the number of dead squirrels I saw in the beginning of summer.  It was pretty ridiculous.  I wish people would be more careful driving around here.



If someone asked me “If you could do an illegal thing for the rest of your life with no repercussions, what would it be”

You fucking know what the answer would be

#All of the feathers ~ bonedork

Yeah…and state flowers.

I’d have a pet opossum and it would be fabulous.

As I was leaving for school, just down the road from my house, I saw a deer cross the road.  I was pretty sure that it was a buck, so I slowed down to get a look at it in the woods and it had to be an 8 point at least!!  Antlers still in fuzzy velvet.  It was a very nice rack!

bunny-kei asked: Another input for the red meat/carbon footprint discussion: Eat kangaroo meat! Super high in iron, super lean, and they breed so prolifically that they actually have to be culled from time to time. No real downsides to eating the tasty tasty roos!


If you can get access to the meat, that is. In the US it’s only sold as a specialty item in a few boutique shops. Also, outside of Australia shipping the meat in a timely enough fashion and keeping it from spoiling on the way adds to its carbon footprint.

We could potentially do the same with whitetail deer and other venison, except it’s illegal to sell wild game meat, and deer farms usually only sell to restaurants and specialty butchers. (That and deer farms are all about BIG ANTLERS) with meat as a secondary consideration.)

Not only would selling deer meat probably result in more poaching, but with captive bred deer comes Chronic Wasting Disease.  It occurs in wild deer as well, but I believe it’s more common with captive deer and can spread to the wild population and can completely wipe out deer in the affected area.  Bad news.